What Does Our Sales Course Involve?

A One Day Sales Training Course for people who are either new to selling and want to know how they can improve their skills to start making real money, or have never sold before but really want to find out what it’s all about and see how they can become the best!

Successful selling is not rocket science! If you are able to communicate well, have the desire and the determination, plus are willing to learn, you can be selling like an expert before you know it!

With a Certificate of Accomplishment at the end of this sales training course, you will find out how to keep control, how to find out what your customer really wants and needs. You will then learn how to use that information to present your product to the customer in such a way that they want to buy even before they know the price!

In other words, this sales training course will help you to “Sell Like An Expert”!

Covering topics such as:

  • Preparation
  • Building Rapport
  • Understanding the roles of “Emotion” and “Logic”
  • Qualification
  • Matching your product to the needs of the customer
  • Presenting prices/costs in a positive way
  • Negotiation
  • Handling Phone Enquiries
  • Selling over the phone
  • Handling Internet/Email enquiries successfully
  • Setting your Goals and Objectives
  • Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Staying Motivated

The course starts at 9:00am and finishes around 5:00pm. A light lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included in the price.

It’s an opportunity to learn along with others in the same situation as you. Ask whatever questions you want without feeling embarrassed amongst the group because they are probably wanting to ask the same questions!

We will have a bit of fun along the way, but the end result is that you will know if a sales career is for you and how you can be as successful as the best!


Monday 19th August – Manchester – Click Here
Tuesday 20th August – Liverpool – Click Here

Monday 26th August – Preston – Click Here
Tuesday 27th August – Leeds – Click Here

  • Course includes Lunch and Refreshments