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I often get people contacting me about getting into a Car Sales Job. Part of the problem, they tell me, is that dealers are always looking for experienced sales people.

Looking for a new sales job

Car Sales Jobs are always being advertised and you could get one today with no experience required!

To be honest, that really surprises me! Over the years running dealerships and recruiting new sales staff, I have always gone for inexperienced people, for a couple of very good reasons:

  • Experienced people have already picked up “Bad Habits” Chances are they have had very little proper sales training, if any, but have learned that sales job, like so many others before them, simply by listening to what other sales people have been doing with their customers! Often the people they are copying have also never been trained either!!
  • The qualities you need to look for when recruiting new sales people are the ability to communicate properly, a willingness to learn, a hunger for success and a pleasant personality. The actual sales skills can be taught to someone with these qualities.

Even an experienced person who has attended training put on by Manufacturers, doesn’t really do it for me. Very often the manufacturer’s training is all about the technicalities and features of their cars, not how to sell their cars. Even when they do demand sales people attend their Sales Training Courses as part of a franchise agreement, the courses are developed and presented by people who have never sold a car in their life!

If you would like to have a Car Sales Job, I promise you will either love it or hate it!

I’ve always loved it. I have left the industry on several occasions, but always come back to it eventually.

You are the architects of your own destiny in this business. You can determine how much money you are going to earn and how high you want to progress up the management ladder.

I have had a number of people who I have been involved with right from the start of their Car Sales career who have gone through the ranks to end up as a Dealer Principle. That can be achieved by anyone in this business!

Training for your new sales job

With the right training anyone can earn a good living by selling cars

All you need is the right training to understand the business, the psychology of both buying and selling and the journey you embark on with your customer, whatever it is you are selling or they are buying. That’s what Train4Sales¬†does with Sales Training Events being conducted all around the and even overseas.

There are plenty of jobs out there right now. Click here to take a look at the links to most of the Automotive Job Agencies that are looking for you right now!

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You don’t need a University Degree, Higher Education or loads of qualifications. If you have the personality, the right mental attitude, a willingness to learn and the right training, the sky’s the limit!