That may seem a strange question, especially when you have employed a sales team to MAKE you money. I’ll explain:

It’s estimated that it costs between £250 – £350 to get a customer into your Dealership! That’s a lot of money.

So you need to take a look at your Sales People to see if they ARE making you money

  • Do you know what your sales guys conversion rates are?
  • Do you know how many phone, Internet or Email sales enquiries they are receiving in a day?
  • Do you know how many of those sales enquiries are turned into appointments?
  • Do you know how many of those sales appointments are given a FULL sales presentation?
  • Do you know how many of those appointments are given a Test Drive?
  • Do you know how many of those appointments are Second Faced by a Manager or Controller?
  • Do you know how many of those appointments are converted into Sales?

If you are NOT doing these things, how can you tell if your sales team are COSTING you money instead of MAKING you money?

I have visited numerous Car Dealerships as a Mystery Shopper, so I know for a fact that in the majority of cases, these things are not being done by the sales people. So they WILL  be costing their Dealership money. Are you one of those Dealerships?

In reality, the true loss is probably even greater. If your dealership is open, but doesn’t make a sale, you have still got your fixed costs to deal with such as rent, electricity, phones, broadband, wages, interest on stock etc.etc.

Plus, the fact is, if that customer had been seen by one of your sales guys who was doing the job properly, that could have been a deal for your business, rather than being “Burned” and sent to one of your competitors to buy a car!!

Can you afford this situation to continue!

It doesn’t have to stay that way. It doesn’t cost a fortune to put it right but it will cost you – either way!

But consider this, if you spent just £350 on a sales person to attend a 2 day training course and they sold just 1 more car every month, How long would it take for you to recoup that investment?

That Sales Training would probably pay for itself after just ONE MONTH!!

The question is, do you really want to put it right or are you happy to keep going  as you are thinking that the reason your not making the sales or not making profit is down to Brexit, the weather, the economic situation, the government, school holidays and whatever other excuses you want to hide behind.

I mentioned earlier that it costs an average of between £250 – £350 to get a customer into your dealership, whether you deal them or not.

Would it make sense to spend that same amount of money on each of your Sales People who are under performing?

You have already invested in those people simply by employing them. Wouldn’t it make sense too protect that investment and to get the best return you can from that investment?

losing sales is depressing

Lack of Sales will depress any sales person. Sales Training can lift them!

There could be a number of reasons why they are under performing. It may not even be there fault! It could be because:

  • They just don’t know what they should be doing
  • They don’t understand how to take the customer on that journey that leads to a sale.
  • They don’t know how to qualify their customer properly
  • They don’t understand how to demonstrate the features & benefits of a car, or conduct an effective test drive.
  • They don’t know how to deal with objections
  • They don’t know how to Trial Close
  • They don’t know how to present figures properly
  • They don’t know how to Negotiate
  • They don’t know how to Close a deal or sell Add Ons

There are a lot of stages to a sales presentation that results in a sale. When doing Mystery Shops I see sales people who know the basics of this journey, but take short cuts. They may have know the steps of that journey in the past but they get forgetful at best, lazy at worst.

That can be changed with a couple of days effective SALES TRAINING.

We run Sales Training courses at venues around the country where many sales people, even some owners and principles who have attended, begin to see more clearly what’s involved in completing a successful sale. Some experienced guys who have been open minded enough to attend, have seen things they used to do, but for whatever reason, don’t do now.

People who have struggling with making sales have returned to the dealership with new found skills and understanding, renewed enthusiasm and confidence and started selling more cars and retailing more profit in their deals

Would you like your Sales People to Sell more cars and make more PROFIT?

The answer to that has got to be YES! So what should you do now?

  • Do an evaluation of each of your Sales People based on the criteria listed above, I.e. Enquires received, appointments made, Test Drives, Sales made and Conversion Rates.That will give you an realistic indication of exactly how your guys are performing and may throw up a few surprises
  • Decide on a program to improve that individuals performance. That could be simply some one-to-one discussions, may mean a period of in-house mentoring or it could be that individual would benefit from a Sales Training Course to ensure they understand each of the steps of the customer journey, not only what they are but also why they are important. That would include practical training so they have the confidence to apply why they learn in the training to real life customer dealings in the Dealership
  • If you have several people who would benefit from Sales Training, consider having an In-House structured Sales Training and Mentoring program for your team
  • Check out our Testimonials from others who have attended our courses

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Sales Training will make your staff loyal

If you train your people and give them the tools to succeed, they will reward you with loyalty and profit!