Whether you are a New or Used Car Dealership, you need to employ
Sales People, Sales Managers, Fleet Sales and Commercial Sales People.

How do you find those people?

  • Do you look for experienced Sales People?
  • Do you take inexperienced people and train them to become Car Sales people?
  • Do you promote from other positions or departments?

What is an Experienced Sales Person?

Is this the type of “Expense” you would like at your dealership?

Often the process followed when a dealership employs someone without experience in the Car Sales Business, is simply a better of the Sales Manager saying:
“Here’s your desk, your computer and phone. Have a look through a few brochures then go and sit in and drive some of the cars on the yard and if somebody walks into the showroom go and say Hello and find out what they want, then come and see me”.

Although there is always the intention of spending time with that new start to give them some training, inevitably the busy life of the Sales Manager and other circumstances dictate that he or she never gets the time to do that training. So they listen to other sales people talking to their customers and adopt a similar approach to the job.

The problem is that the person they are listening to and copying probably went through the same routine when they started!

Not only that, the Sales Manager may well have progressed in the business to that management role via the same route. So as each new person joins the business they are duplicating a process that, in all probability, is flawed!

That then results in a sales staff that are not aware of the steps in the customer journey and don’t understand the importance of taking those steps to ensure, not only a successful sale, but a profitable one!

They miss out on such important elements of that journey such as the Meet & Greet, Qualification, Selecting the Right Vehicle, the Static Demo, a proper Part Exchange appraisal, an effective Test Drive, Presenting Figures correctly, Negotiation, Closing etc.etc.

If the customer is not taken on this journey, when it get’s to the point of doing a deal everything comes down to price!!

The lower the price you have to sell for means REDUCED profits!

Competition is tough these days. In order to succeed in the current market you not only need to sell more cars, but you also need to retain more profit!

If you are happy with your current levels of Sales and Margins that’s great!

If you would to find out how you can increase sales and profits
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