Yes, recent figures released show that New Car Sales Registrations were down by 20% in April this year as against 2016 according to SMMT.

That’s quite a drop! By what I’m hearing in the trade May doesn’t look to be faring much better for new car sales.

So, as a car dealership or a car sales person, what are you going to do about it?

Depressed Car Sales man

It’s raining, kids are off school, Brexit, the Election!!

Well , you could bemoan the fact that everybody is worrying about Brexit so just hanging on to their money until they see what happens. You could blame it on the weather, the school holidays, the football, the election, the manufacturers advertising, your Manager, your targets, so on and so forth. The list goes on and on of all the things you could find to blame.

OR you could decide you are not going to get “Negged” out by all this stuff going on around you and decide you are going to do something about it.

At times like these you need to get a grip on yourself to begin with. If you keep telling yourself how bad the car sales job is, how nobody is buying cars now, how your bosses are being unreasonable, how there’s no money to be made any more –

Guess What? All of these things are going to happen. They will come true and you will have made them come true in your life and in your dealership.

Even though car sales were down in April, there were still over 152,00 new cars sold (Figures from SMMT Vehicle Data)

People STILL bought new cars!

Car sales are still happening

People are still buying cars! Are you good enough to sell them one?

The people who sold those cars didn’t allow all the negative news and comments effect them. They still believed that people were buying cars and that they were going to buy those cars from them!

 Those car sales people didn’t just sit back and wait for the customers to turn up, they thought “Outside the Box” to figure out ways of finding those people that were planning to buy a car in April.

When they received a phone enquiry, an Internet enquiry or an email, they made sure they turned that enquiry into a live prospect who came into their showroom. When they had someone come to the dealership they were treated like Royalty. Nothing was too much trouble. They took the time to find out what the customer’s requirements were and made sure they were looking at the right car to satisfy those needs. No corners were cut!

By going through the whole process in a professional manner, keeping control of the “Customer Journey”, handling objections correctly and simply doing the job the way it’s supposed to be done, THEY CONTINUED TO SELL CARS while the “Order Takers” were the ones who suffered from that 20% drop in sales.

Which are you – An Order Taker or a Car Sales Professional?

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