How would you like a Job Paying £25k – £45k+ A Year – With No Qualifications

How many times have you poured over on-line job ads or even in the paper, only to find one that really appeals to you, but then you notice you have to have so many GCSE’s, Higher Education or University Degree?

Looking for a Job

If you are looking for a well paid job that requires no formal qualifications, car sales might be just the thing for you!

It’s soul destroying! You know that you have the right qualities to do the job, just haven’t passed the right exams.

How would you like to get a job where no formal qualifications are required.? A job that allows you to succeed if you are willing to put the work in? A job that enables you to earn the sort of money that Professionals normally earn?

What you do need is good communication skills, a great personality, enjoy meeting people and be willing to learning have the right sales training.

As a New or Used Car Sales person your earnings are directly related to your effort. The more people you talk to, the better you do the job, the more sales you make, the more profit you keep in a deal, the more commission you earn. The Sky’s the Limit!!

A Job For Life!

Because there are so few good car sales people out there, you will also have a job for life, if that’s what you choose. The door is always open for advancement up the ladder, even right up the position of Dealer Principle. It all depends on you as a person, NOT the pieces of paper you hold.

With the right sales training you will be able to engage your customers and find out exactly what it is they need and want. You will be able to direct them to the right car for them. You will understand about matching features and benefits to their needs and wants.

We will help you understand the two most important aspects of your customers decision making process and then help you to see how to use this knowledge to close that sale.

You will learn how to negotiate, how to handle objections and how to make sure you close the deal whilst not giving all your profit away to do so.

Take a look at the comments made by others who have successfully attended one of our car sales training courses here.

There are plenty of jobs out there. Take a look for yourself and see which one you would like by clicking here. Check out the OTE earnings you could have – then make the decision to find the Car Sales Training event nearest you and book your place today

Taking a someone along the customer journey and finally handing them the keys to their new car is very rewarding

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