Sales Training makes the difference between being mediocre and being the best!

Training4Sales devolves all aspects of your sales skills

Having been involved in a whole range of Sales and Sales Training roles and businesses over the last 30+ years, I have seen, and worked in, some mediocre businesses, some good businesses and some Great Businesses.

What sets them apart? ……………….. SalesTraining!

Sales Training for Businesses

Businesses that take the initiative to train their sales staff and are willing to invest time and money in that training, most definitely benefit and see a great reward for that investment with increased sales, profits, productivity, stability and presence within their own particular markets.

Sales Training will make your staff loyal

If you train your people and give them the tools to succeed, they will reward you with loyalty and profit!

Whatever market you operate in, it will be competitive. Never before has there been so much information available to potential customers about the products they are wanting to buy, before they even leave their home.

Consider Car Sales, for example, people can check out all the colours, the spec, different models, different manufacturers and even get prices! So what is going to make a customer visit your dealership and buy your car instead of the other one down the road?

More and more the answer to that question is PRICE! Whoever comes up with the best price get the sale! 

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are other aspects to a persons buying motives which, if you understand them, they will happily pay more for a car or any product for that matter.

  • Do you know what those motives are?
  • Do you know how to use. that knowledge to improve the number of sales you make and increase your profit per sale?
  • Do you want to know?

Those that feel they don’t need that sales training or are not prepared to put their hand in their pocket to fund that training, most definitely suffer for that lack of vision and investment.

As a business, can you afford not to invest in your staff and business with Great professional Sales Training?

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Click the Green Button to find the Car Sales Training events for you

Sales Training for Individuals

You may have found your way to this site because you would like to get into Car Sales, but you are not sure how.

Or you may already be a Car Sales Person but would like to improve your conversion

Make more money from your sales

Would you like to make more money from Car Sales?

your conversion rates, car sales or profit. In other words, make more money!

You need to know to engage with your customers, how to correctly identify their Needs and Desires.

You need to understand the 2 main things that will affect any decision of that customer before buying anything from you and how you can use that knowledge. This is the key to retaining profit and selling more cars!

You need to know how to handle objections effectively, how to negotiate and how to close a deal.

You need to understand how to control the whole selling and buying process.

Regularly I hear people telling me “I don’t need any sales training, I’ve been selling cars for years!” or “I already sell plenty of cars, why should I have any sales training?“. Even “I’ve been on sales training courses before. It was boring and I didn’t learn anything”.

At Train 4 Sales we offer sales training that is interactive, interesting, practical and fun. Most of all, it works!

Take a look at some of the testimonials we have received from people who have successfully completed one of our sales training courses here.

As an individual, are you prepared to invest in your self and your future with Great professional Sales Training?   


Don’t settle for being an order taker, but make the decision right now to become one of the BEST Sales People around!

Click to find the Car Sales Training events for you

Click the Green Button to find the Car Sales Training events for you

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